Blackfoot Cream Ale


Cream Ale is an early-style of American light ale.  This is the lightest of Blackfoot’s everyday beers.  Easy drinking and crisp, yet still medium-bodied and satisfying.  Cream Ale is brewed from Montana-grown 2- row barley, and a small percentage of flaked maize, which is traditional for the style.

IBU’s: 17

Original Gravity: 1.053

Terminal Gravity: 1.007

Alcohol by Volume: 6.0%

Calories/16 oz: 170


Food and Cheese Pairing Suggestions:

You’ve got a good choice here. You can go with a lighter food such as chicken, salmon, or salads. Or you can pair Cream Ale with sweet, hot, or spicy foods such as Asian dishes, chili, or jalapeno salsa. For a cheese paring try Monterey Jack or Brie.