Blackfoot Oktoberfest Lager

This classic German-style fest beer is brewed with imported German Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts, and lagered cold for smoothness. It’s smooth taste and malty finish make this a great beer for the fall. Blackfoot Oktoberfest is released in late-September and is available for just a few weeks.


IBU’s:                               29

Original Gravity:              1.060

Terminal Gravity:             1.012

Alcohol by Volume:         6.2%

Calories/12 oz:                        194


Food and Cheese Pairing Suggestions:

The caramelization of the malts complements that of seared meats or hearty, spicy Mexican dishes. Of course, a German sausage would be good. A great beer for spicy Jalapeno Jack or Smoked Gouda.