Kolsch Style Ale

Kolsch is a German style Ale traditionally brewed in the Cologne region of Germany.  This beer is brewed with Malteurope 2-row barley(barley grown and malted in Montana!!), malted white wheat, and noble hops.  It is fermented at a lower temperature (for an ale) and lightly hopped to create a very delicately balanced beer.

The appearance is a nice straw yellow.  The aroma has a very slight hint of yeast fruitiness with a touch of noble hops.  The flavor is very crisp.  There is a mild hop bitterness that is in no way over powering.  The body is smooth, crisp and light due to the high attenuation; yet it retains some malt and wheat character.

This is an ale but it has strong resemblance of a light lager.  It could be considered the Pilsner of Ales.

IBU’S: 21
Original Gravity: 1.047
Terminal Gravity: 1.006
Alcohol by Volume: 5.3%
Calories/12oz: 153