Double Simcoe IPA


The Double Simcoe IPA was brewed with floor malted Glen Eagle Marris Otter (the same malt in our Single Malt IPA) and 100% Simcoe hops. There is a wonderfully light malty sweetness from the Maris Otter malt, but most of this beer’s flavor comes from the Simcoe hops, and we used a lot!    This hop imparts a variety of flavors and aromas including citrus, grapefruit, earthy, piney and berry with a pronounced, but not over powering bitterness.  With 113 IBU’s and 8.7% ABV it’s unprecedented how smooth this beer is!

IBU’s:                     113

Original Gravity:     1.082

Terminal Gravity:    1.016

ABV:                                   8.7%