Blackfoot River Brewing Company

Community Monday

Montana Independent Living Project (mILp)

Monday, July 8th

mILp’s mission as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and as a Center for Independent Living, is to promote independence for people living with disabilities residing in 14 southwest Montana counties. Since 1981, mILp assists consumers to live, work, and recreate as independently as they desire. This includes, but is not limited to, having access to not only the necessary services one requires but also the recreational pursuits one desires that promote a quality of life within one’s own residence and community.

mILp continues to be a leader in our communities, assuring disability rights for all Montanans by enthusiastically encouraging and effecting community inclusion, integration, and independence for people living with disabilities. To better meet the needs of our consumers, we have three offices located in Helena, Butte, and Bozeman.



On Tap Today

On The Beer Engine This Week

Friday, Mar 22nd - Dry-Hopped Kolsch Style Ale

Kolsch dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria & Citra hops. Mandarina Bavaria hops are a German variety that lend tangerine and citrus aromas. The much coveted Citra hops impart an extreme grapefruit flavor and aroma.

Wednesday, Mar 27th - Dry-hopped Singlemalt IPA

Singlemalt IPA dry-hopped with Nugget hops. Nugget hops’ aromatic properties of mild spice and herbs with peach and pear shine through.

Friday, Mar 29th - Citrus Double New England IPA

Double New England IPA with fresh squeezed grapefruit & orange juice and zest.

Wednesday, Apr 3rd - Raspberry Lemon Cream

Our Cream Ale conditioned on fresh raspberry puree and lemon zest.

Friday, Apr 5th - Green Tea & Honey Cream Ale

Our Cream Ale conditioned on green tea leaves and honey

Wednesday, Apr 10th - Dry-hopped IPA with Coriander

Singlemalt IPA conditioned on coriander seeds and Motueka & Lemondrop Hops. Motueka is New Zealand hop in high demand for its zesty lime, lemon, and fresh tropical fruit aromas. The Lemondrop hops name alludes to the aroma descriptors of lemon, mint, green tea, and slight melon

Friday, Apr 12th - Old Fashioned ESB

Blue Collar ESB conditioned on Wyoming whiskey soaked oak spirals, orange zest, and cherries. Just like the classic drink!