Blackfoot River Brewing Company

SPECIAL EVENT: Brewer’s Reserve Tasting

Tuesday, October 22nd - 5:00 pm

Join us for a rare beer tasting! The Blackfoot Brewers will be tasting beers that are no longer available to the public. Dipping into their private stock, the Brewers will have a limited quantity of Brewer’s Reserve bottles to sample by 12oz glass or by 3 or 6 beer flights (4oz each).
Tasting list:
2008 Imperial Stout
2012 Dry Fly Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Citra IPA
2012 Whiskey Barrel Aged Winter Ale
2013 Wine Barrel Aged Barleywine
2014 Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
2014 Helambic
2015 Wine Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel
2016 Double Citra IPA
2016 Barleywine
2016 Vigilambic
2017 Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
2017 Pils Royale
2017 Oud Bruin
2019 Wine Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel
2019 Scotch Barrel Aged Single Malt Scotch
Note: A very limited number of bottles are available per beer, available only on Tuesday Oct 22nd starting at 5pm while supplies last.