Blackfoot River Brewing Company

JC Carpenter Taproom Manager

JC is from a smaller rural community just north of Sacramento, CA. From his earliest memories he has always had the spirit of adventure and an extreme enthusiasm for the outdoors. He left that community in 2002 to start his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps at the age of seventeen.

During his enlistment and new environment in southern California he picked up new hobbies including surfing, free diving, and craft beer! Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was the spring board into discovering new beers beyond the common domestic beers.

After hearing a tip from a friend “Montana is boring there is nothing to do there unless you like fishing, hunting, or camping” he shortly packed up his few belongings to start his new life in Helena, MT. Since he made that decision, his life has been filled with new experiences including his first job working as a ranch hand at the Prickly Pear Simmental Ranch. Shortly after working at a local beer and wine distributor George’s Distributing which lead him to his opportunity to join the team at the Blackfoot River Brewing Company in 2015.

JC has continued his enthusiasm and exploration into new and different craft beer styles. When JC is not in the taproom you most likely find him exploring our beautiful mountains and rivers in the company of his wife Elizabeth and his three children Scarlet, Emmett, and Eli.

Favorite beer: Single Malt IPA

Favorite seasonal: Kolsch

On Tap Today

On The Beer Engine This Week

Wednesday, Feb 24th - IPA with Lime and Black Pepper

Single Malt IPA infused with lime and pepper.

Wednesday, Mar 3rd - Key Lime Pie IPA

Single Malt IPA with fresh key lime juice and graham crackers

Wednesday, Mar 10th - Italian Pilsner with Cherry Bomb Peppers

Italian Pilsner with the famously spicy and aromatic Cherry Bomb Peppers.

Wednesday, Mar 17th - Amber Ale with Lemon & Tea

Amber Ale with black tea, as well as zested and juiced lemons.