Blackfoot River Brewing Company

The Brewery

For those beer geeks out there who like to know the details!


European crafted 2001 Bavarian Brewing 15-bbl, three-vessel steam-fired brewhouse.


  • (6) Bavarian 15-bbl cylindroconical glycol jacketed fermenters
  • (1) Bavarian 30-bbl cylindroconical glycol jacketed fermenter
  • (1) Bavarian 1-bbl yeast propagation/pilot tank


  • (4) CDC 14-bbl single wall conditioning tanks
  • (2) Northern Brew Systems 15-bbl single wall conditioning tank
  • (1) Northern Brew Systems 15-bbl glycol jacketed bright tank


  • (7) Bavarian 13.5-bbl glycol jacketed serving tanks
  • (2) 7-bbl Grundy-Teddington single wall serving tanks

Brewery Capacity, unfiltered draft:

  • Approximately 3,200 bbls annually