Blackfoot River Brewing Company

Santa Con 2019

Saturday, December 14th - 7:00 pm

It’s been a busy year at the North Pole. The elves have turbo charged the sleigh, and added a heater. The reindeer have been working out and are planning to make the trip with time to spare this year. The most stressful part of life at the North Pole is still the toy making though. All those electronic toys take a lot of time and effort to get right. Seriously do you know how hard it is to make a “cloud” to store all that data in? Supervising all that toy making has gotten to him. All he wants is one night off. Sources close to the big guy have indicated that he has decided to sneak away from the north pole for one night before the big event and it sounds like December 14th is the day. He plans to park Rudolph and the sleigh near the Library, and start the night of debauchery at the Blackfoot River Brewery.

After a few beers at Blackfoot River Brewery Santa and his merry band of revelers will migrate down the gulch hitting various bars and restaurants along the way. Spreading holiday cheer and mischief along the way. Likely venues will be Windbag, Sapphire, Hawthorn, Rialto, Bert & Ernie’s, Gold Bar/Western, and Millers. There will likely be a DJ at one or more of the bars that we can all end up at to close out the night with some dancing. (More about this to come later)

To make this work, you must dress up like Santa or your favorite holiday character or heck even just a holiday themed costume will work. The key being that you NEED A COSTUME OF SOME KIND, and JUST WEARING A SANTA HAT IS NOT ENOUGH, unless you wear ONLY a santa hat and nothing else, then you will likely be very POPULAR.

In addition to lots of Santas we have also had sexy Mrs. Claus, snowmen, large wrapped “packages”, sexy Mr. Claus, large bottles of eggnog, gingerbread men, a big herd of naughty reindeer, pole dancing elves, snow men and women, Christmas Trees, and many more awesome costumes, so get creative. Bust out the glitter and fabric glue.

This is a traveling costume party, so put some effort into it and bring you best game. The better the costumes the better the fun will be for everyone.

Santa offers his new friends a nip of his‘nog’. Santa gives gifts, so bring something to share! Ambitious Santa’s in other towns have organized entire marching bands, portable karaoke and gotten Santa’s britches in a twist with a giant Twister game. Don’t just go to the bar. RAISE the bar.

This is about having fun, mocking the norm, being creative. Everyone is invited! Please invite anyone you think my be interested.

What SANTA is NOT about: spending huge amounts of money on store-bought Christmas gifts, conforming to the notion that Christmas is about shopping, or limiting the December holiday season to just one religious theme.