Montana Brewers Association Objectives:

Production: To support the production of the finest and highest quality Montana hand-crafted beers for public sale and consumption.

Promotion: To assist in the marketing of Montana Made beers and to build public recognition and support of local breweries as viable and successful business operations throughout the state.

Industry Participation: To serve in an active, cooperative, and open manner with all industry partners in the development and growth of craft brewing as a key part of the beverage industry in the state.

Policy Support: To serve as a proactive association for the preservation and creation of meaningful laws and public policy for a strong and growing brewing industry in Montana..

Education: To raise awareness and educate the public on the historical, economic, social and health issues concerning the responsible promotion, sale, and consumption of craft beer.

Community Participation: To serve as an active leader and supporter of Montana communities as visible representatives of the craft beer business and profession.

Unified Voice: To build a community of brewers and brewing enthusiasts and provide them with a unified voice.

Responsibility: To promote ethical and legal trade practices.