Blackfoot River Brewing Company

Seth Berg Brewer

One of Helena’s own prodigal sons (go Bruins!), Seth was a child of classic rock hippies and grew up in the back of a pickup truck in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. He loves his family, friends, and the sweet blend of art and science that is craft beer. Seth is an all-grain homebrewer that enjoys creating new beer recipes and bending traditional styles.

Before working at Blackfoot River Brewing Company, Seth worked as an Executive in Healthcare. He currently attends university for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Management. Seth is also working on completing the Professional Brewer Apprenticeship Program in Montana. Seth loves all things craft beer and aspires to the possibility of owning his own brewery someday. He is grateful that Blackfoot River Brewing Company gave him his professional start.

One of Seth’s favorite things about Blackfoot is the quality of the ingredients and people he works with while creating “real good beer” for the fine people of Montana. His favorite beer is free, but the style is typically nomadic with the earth’s tilt. Seth is an ordained Dudeist Priest, Licensed Nurse, Green Bay Packer Shareholder, lover of Space, social campfire circles, cool mountain-fed water, and dusty backcountry roads. Seth relishes time with his wife and their two daughters looking for life’s next adventure when not in the brewery.