Blackfoot River Brewing Company

Double Citra- Dry Fly Distilling’s Wheat Whiskey Barrel Aged

Double Citra is brewed with floor malted Glen Eagle

Marris Otter (the same malt in our Single Malt IPA) and 100% Citra hops.  Post Fermentation the beer was aged in Dry Fly Distilling’s Oak Barrels that previously housed their Washington Wheat Whiskey.  Their Whiskey aged in the Barrels for two years before we used the barrels to age the Double Citra for over three months.

There is a wonderfully light, malty sweetness from the Glen Eagle, but most of this beer’s flavor comes from the Citra hops, and we used a lot!  Citra is a new hop variety that was released in 2007 and is known for it’s smooth bittering and intense flavor and aroma.  Expect strong citrus notes of grapefruit, lemon and melon with a pronounced, but not over powering bitterness.  The Barrel Aging imparts flavors of Whiskey and Oak.  With 100 IBU’s and 9.3% ABV it’s unprecedented how smooth this beer is!

  • IBUs: 100
  • ABV: 9.3%