Blackfoot River Brewing Company


Our WPA is a very interesting and unique beer because we used a combination of ingredients that aren’t traditionally used together.  The grain bill is comprised of Montana Pale malt, Vienna malt, and approximately 30% un-malted wheat.  This combination of malts and un-malted wheat is what you would expect in a Belgian Wit or a Lambic style of beer, but not a Pale Ale.  The hops are Chinook and El Dorado which are common in West Coast style Pale Ales and IPA’s, but not in Wits or Lambics.

WPA is a beautiful rich yellow color with a bright white head.  The aroma is sweet and mild with a noticeable wheat character.  The flavor is slightly sweet and grainy, which comes from the high percentage of un-malted wheat.  The light sweetness is immediately met with an assertive hop bitterness with hints of piney and tropical hop flavors.  The body is light, but the un-malted wheat and the hops create a medium mouthfeel that finishes semi-dry and refreshing.


  • IBUs: 44
  • ABV: 6.0%
  • Original Gravity: 1.056
  • Terminal Gravity: 1.010