Blackfoot River Brewing Company

Double Black Diamond Extreme Stout

Double Black Diamond Stout is a very roasty and full-bodied, Foreign-style extra stout. This wonderfully rich stout gets most of its dark color and flavor from lots of un-malted roasted barley. The malts add bold flavors of roast, chocolate, toffee, and some malty sweetness. Those malts are balanced by hop bitterness from our Magnum, EKG, and Saphir hops.

  • IBUs: 80
  • ABV: 7.0%
  • Original Gravity: 1.068
  • Terminal Gravity: 1.014
  • Calories / 12oz: 225

Food And Cheese Pairings

Goes well with grilled meat, chili, and baked ham. But you gotta try it with raw oysters! For a cheese pairing try Dubliner or an aged Gouda.